How to teach for EGE

A course for teachers ‘How to teach for EGE’

✒Starting date: 14 June 2016

✏Schedule: 12.00 – 15.00 Tuesdays, Thursdays

Prerequisites: C1 level

Workload: 36 ac hours +/- 2 ac. h.

this course explains how to teach all four parts: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening (both Academic and General). The course first explores what it means to be good at these skills, before explaining how they are assessed, the types of tasks learners can expect, and strategies for each of those tasks. Finally you’ll learn how to apply this knowledge to the classroom with practical teaching ideas that give learners confidence and help them perform at their best
By the end of this course you will have learnt:

1) What you need to do to fully prepare learners for their exam;
2) How the exam works and is assessed;
3) Practical strategies and activities to help learners achieve results;
4) How to deal with common problems learners have while preparing;
5) How to reflect on this and its implications for your teaching

Tutor: Eugenia Tyshlangova. Qualifications: TKT Theoretical, TKT Practical, CAE, CPE, Cambridge English teacher, speaking examiner of Cambridge exams.

For more information: 221-47-46, 250-10-20, 250-10-30