Great interest in studying Russian as a foreign language has become noticeable recently . This fact can be explained with the fact that every year Russia is becoming a more & more reliable and promising partner in international industry, culture, science and tourism.

More & more poeople come to Russia to get higher education, and to explore the historical and architectural monuments of culture (as history of Russia is very interesting and rich). A growing number of investors are investing their capital in Russian industry and business. Due to all those factors foreigners are in need to learn at least spoken English.

Russian mentality, the mysterious «Russian soul» also need sensitive understanding. In the classes you will get an opportunity not only to learn the language, but also to understand many features of Russian culture, the roots and meaning of which can’t be explained by the ordinary Russian.


There are other reasons for foreigners to learn the Russian language.It is one of the six UN official languages, & it is fourth world-spread langage after English, Chinese and Spanish. 260 million people in total in the world can speak Russian, for 110 million it is a native language.

Our five-level training program is for students who have different language skills, and it provides an opportunity for beginners to form a basic knowledge of the Russian language and to improve speaking skills (learn to read, write and express their thoughts in the Russian language), and for those who already speak the language we can help to improve their knowledge in all the areas.

Level 1 (Basic)
120-160 hours

The program is for those who are just beginning to learn the Russian language and get acquainted with Russian culture. At this level we offer an intensive course of lessons on Russian grammar, phonetics and conversation practice.

Level 2 (Basic)
120-160 hours

This program is for elementary students, who continue to study the Russian language and get acquainted with the Russian culture, as well as for those who are after the break wants to regain their basic knowledge of Russian , to increase their vocabulary and learn to be fluent in Russian. We offer a program that will help you to learn how to communicate in Russian on everyday topics, read and understand the small volume of the original texts.



Level 3 (Intermediate)
120-160 hours

The program is aimed at students who already possess the basic skills in Russian. This program will help you to enrich your knowledge of phonetic, morphological, and syntactic systems of the Russian language, to improve the reading skills of small original texts, written and oral clearance of monologic utterance, speaking in everyday communication, listening text messages.

Level 4 (Advanced Intermediate)
160-192 hours

The program is for students who possess sufficient basic knowledge of phonetic, morphological and syntactic systems of the Russian language, have knowledge of everyday verbal behavior in the Russian-speaking environment. This program will help you to correct intonation, to improve knowledge of Russian grammar, and it will greatly expand your vocabulary of common lexics, form a certain amount of «background knowledge» in Russian culture.

Level 5 (Advanced)
160-192 hours

The program is for students that are fairly fluent in the Russian language and have little difficulty in speaking, reading, writing, listening, and have a good supply of «background knowledge» in Russian culture. This program gives you the opportunity to enrich the knowledge of grammar, word formation, vocabulary and style of the Russian language, improve language skills, as well as acquaint you with the samples of Russian classical and modern literature.