Paper 1 Reading and WritingTime: 1 hour 10 minutes

Paper 1 Reading and Writing consists of nine parts and 56 questions. It is worth 50% ofthe total marks for the exam.

Part 1 (Questions 1–5)

In this part you have to understand the main message of a sign, notice or other veryshort text. These texts are usually the kind of text you can find on roads, in railwaystations, airports, shops, restaurants, offices, schools, etc. There are also five sentencesand you have to match each sentence to one of the texts.
In the example below you have eight signs (labelled A–H) and five sentences whichexplain what the signs mean.You have to match each sentence to the right sign.

Part 8 (Questions 51–55)

In this part we test both reading and writing. You have to read one or two short texts(note, e-mail, advertisement, etc.) and use the information to fill in a form, notice, diaryentry or other similar document.

The example below is about school books. You have to read the information from thebookshop and the note from Jenny and decide which book she wants to order. Then youhave to complete the order form for her (questions 51–55).

Paper 2 ListeningTime: approx. 30 minutes including 8 minutes transfer time

In the Listening paper there are five parts and 25 questions. The types of exercise youwill have to do are: multiple-choice, gap-filling and matching. The texts you will hear aremonologues and dialogues, including interviews, discussions, telephone conversationsand messages.You will hear each conversation twice. The Listening paper is worth 25%of the total marks.

Part 1 (Questions 1–5)

In this part you will hear five separate short conversations. The conversations are eitherbetween friends or relatives, or between a member of the public and a shop assistant,booking office clerk, etc.You have to listen for information like prices, numbers, times,dates, locations, directions, shapes, sizes, weather, descriptions of people and currentactions. For each question there are three possible answers which are pictures ordrawings.

Below you can see two questions from an exam paper.You have to read the question,listen to the recording and choose the right answer (A, B or C). In the exam, there arethree more questions like the ones below.

Paper 3 SpeakingTime: 8–10 minutes per pair of candidates

For the Speaking test there are two oral examiners and you take the test in a pair withanother candidate. At centres with an uneven number of candidates, the last singlecandidate is examined with the last pair in a group of three. The Speaking test is worth 25% of the total marks.

Part 1

The first part of the test takes 5 to 6 minutes and you have to show that you can use theEnglish you need when you meet someone for the first time. One of the examiners willtalk to you and you will have to give personal information (for example, your name,where you come from, what you do) and talk about your daily life, interests, likes, etc.

Part 2

This part takes 3 to 4 minutes and you have to talk to the other candidate. The examinerwill give you a prompt card like the one below and you have to ask and answerquestions.

In the example below, Candidate A has some information about the Sandon Air Museumand Candidate B has a card with some question prompts. Candidate B has to use theprompts and ask some questions about the museum. After 4 or 5 questions, theexaminer will stop your conversation and give out two new prompt cards with differentinformation. This time Candidate A has to ask questions and Candidate B has to answer.